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Message From Management

Principal's Words


Orange county school believes to visualize and tries to inculcate great ideas, fine principles, social and moral values into the heart of children so that they inherit from generation to generation to find a proper balance between competition and sharing. A childs life should be shaped by experienced hands with love and care so that every child under our care can rise and strive for better tomorrows. So we focus on overall personality development of the students by introducing various literary, creative and co-curricular activities along with games and sports. Your child must be well versed with the latest methodologies, technologies on the background of our rich tradition and cultural heritage and lead useful and meaningful life . we, with able support from you, desire to give it the right place in the childs curriculum, and make their day in school a pleasure rather than a drag with a huge burden on their backs and minds.

Chairman's Words


Welcome to Orange County Orange county school believes that a child is like a bud and needs to be nurtured carefully so that he or she can blossom to her fullest potential. We aspire excellence for our students both academically and ethically. Each child is gifted in a particular way and we focus on helping each child to discover their own special talent and gift. Intelligence is no longer considered as a singular, genetic quality measurable by a paper and pencil test. A childs mind is like a blank paper. Whatever we show speak demonstrate builds them for the future. Hence utmost care is required in nurturing these beautiful gifts of god. Here we can make difference in your childs life by providing them homely care and the education which will build them into a human being you want him to be. I look forward to welcoming you to Orange County and providing a quality education to your children. Mr Gunjan Choudhary Chairman

Pre-Primary Incharge's Words


Dear OCS Family, I, SONIYA CHOUDHARY, cordially welcome you to the session 2022-23. The session has begun on a very unusual note with the pandemic and the subsequent lockdown. However, we at OCS, we are relentless in our pursuit of excellence. So the classes continued, the events continued and the co-curricular activities continued. The students, therefore, felt a sense of continuity and did not feel as if they were losing out on something we have been receiving and continue to receive a lot of positive and heart-warming mails about the classes and especially during these unusual times. We salute the will of the teachers and their quick grasp on the digital platform to ensure that no child is left behind. At the same time, we salute the parents for supporting the school and for providing ample opportunity for the child to explore things beyond the curriculum and support the teachers in their endeavour to provide a holistic education to the children.